Tips for Finding the Best Dentist in Collingwood

Finding the best dentist in Collingwood really depends on how you define ‘best dentist’ as this may differ from person to person. As there are so many different fields and service offerings in Dentistry, not all patients and Dentists will be the perfect fit. There are certain factors that are important to take into consideration when you’re looking for the best dentist for you or your family.


Here are a few factors to consider when searching for the best dentist near you:

Dental Service Offerings

First and foremost, you want to check the services offered by each dentist. While many Dentists offer a wide range of services, there are some Dentists that choose to focus on a specific niche, such as Cosmetics or Dental Implants. Furthermore, some Dentists may not focus their practice on families, or offer services for Children or Geriatric patients. These items can often be seen on the clinic’s website or by calling and talking to the receptionist.

Hours and Location

While many Dental Clinics are open Monday to Friday, there are often Clinics that are only open on select weekdays or weekends. If a certain day of the week is important to you, it’s certainly worth the time to make sure the Clinic is open when you need it to be. Furthermore, if you ever experience a Dental Emergency, it’s handy to have your Dentist available throughout the full week rather than just a few days.

Similarly, you’ll want to make sure the Dental Clinic’s office hours match with your specific needs. While most Clinics offer 9-5pm type hours, there are some which offer evening hours until 6, 7 or even 8pm.

Direct Insurance Billing or Payment Plans

It’s also important to take a look at the Payment and Financial Options for each Dental Clinic. If you have Dental Insurance, you may be interested in Direct Insurance Billing, which allows your Dentist to submit claims and collect payments on your behalf. This allows you to only pay any left-over payments at the time of service. While this is important to some, others may prefer to collect credit card points and deal with their insurance claims on their own.

If you don’t have Dental Insurance, you may be interested in Payment Plans through your Dental Clinic. Some Clinics may use a 3rd party company which will have associated Interest Charges, while other Clinics may offer 0% Interest payment plans in-house. However, some Dental Clinics do not have any Financial Payment Plans available at all.

Google Reviews

One of the quickest ways to find a highly recommended Dentist in Collingwood is to check each Dental Clinic’s Google Reviews! Members of the community will leave ratings and comments of their experience with different businesses right on Google. You can see Google Reviews by clicking on the Dental Clinic’s name on Google Maps and clicking ‘Reviews’. It’s a simple way to read other patients’ experiences and compare Dental Clinics in your area.


Lastly, it’s a great idea to ask for a Consultation or Meet & Greet appointment to see if you have a good ‘fit’ with the Dentist, the rest of the dental team, and the Dental Clinic itself! While you may be interested in the Dentist themselves, you will also interact with the front desk staff, the hygienists, and assistants as well. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or take a tour of the office before committing to a New Patient Exam and Cleaning.


Finding the Best Dentist for You

After understanding these factors above, you should have a much clearer perspective on the dental services offered around you to find the best dentist near you for yourself or family. It’s important to take your time and do your research before choosing your new dentist as this should be a long-term arrangement. Again, it’s extremely important to make sure the above factors match with your personal and oral health care needs!


Dr. Sarah McVey at Collingwood Family Dental

At Collingwood Family Dental, Dr. Sarah and her team offer a variety of comprehensive dental services, including General, Family, Cosmetic and Emergency Dentistry. Dr. Sarah is currently welcoming new patients and families to her dental clinic and would be happy to answer any questions you may have about becoming a patient or your oral health care.


Our Services and Location

In addition to offering a full range of dental services, our team at Collingwood Family Dental also offers Direct Insurance Billing, Evening Hours, and Free Parking for our patients. We are located downtown Collingwood at 1 Huron Street – Unit 205. We’re above the Rexall Pharmacy by the harbour!


How to Schedule an Appointment

If you’d like to become a patient at Collingwood Family Dental, there are multiple ways to get started!

  1. Give us a call at 705-532-9930
  2. Email us at [email protected]
  3. Book online at


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