5 Tips for Finding a Dentist in Collingwood

Finding a Dentist in Collingwood may turn out to be more difficult than you think as there has been a wave of people moving to the area in recent years. While there are many local dentists accepting new patients, you may have to wait 5+ weeks for an appointment as ‘new movers’ are scrambling to find a new dentist in the area. Here are a few tips to remember when starting your search for a new dentist near you:

1. Find a Collingwood Dentist that is Accepting New Patients

Not all Collingwood Dentists are accepting new patients and families as their respective clinics have become ‘full’ with new and existing patients. Many clinics only have so many spots for patients before they have to stop taking new ones in order to service the ones on their current roster. So, before you dive too far into questions with the clinic, just make sure they’re accepting new patients first!

2. Look for a Dental Clinic Near You

Finding a Dental Clinic Near You is important to make sure you aren’t wasting time travelling to your dental appointments. When multiple visits are needed for dental treatment, travelling 45+ minutes can get old very quickly! Furthermore, if you are ever in need of an emergency dentist in Collingwood, it’s a benefit to have your dental clinic in your area for ease of access. So, when you’re searching for a new dentist in Collingwood, make sure they’re somewhat close to your home or place of work!

3. Make Sure They Offer Services for Yourself and Family Members

It may be assumed that all Collingwood Dentists offer the same services. After all, they’re all Dentists, right?! While they may all be dentists, not all dentists offer the same set of services. Some dentists may focus their practice on special ‘niche’ dentistry fields such as Cosmetics or Dental Implants, while others may offer a wide spectrum of General Dentistry services. Family Dental offices typically offer a wide range of dental services for patients of all ages and refer to Dental Specialists (Orthodontics, Periodontics, Endodontics, etc.) for specialized or complex treatment. Depending on your needs, be sure to ask the dental clinic which Dental Services they offer so they can take care of your individual needs.

4. Check to See if They Offer Direct Insurance Billing or Payment Plans

Depending on in if you have Dental Insurance coverage, finding a Dentist in Collingwood that offers Payment Plans may be of interest to you! Direct Insurance Billing means the Dental Clinic will send your Dental Claim directly to your insurance company on your behalf, relieving you of the task of submitting on your own. Often, Dental Offices are able to know exact payments within seconds, leaving the patient to simply pay their co-payment, deductibles, or any non-covered fees at the time of service. Otherwise, if you’re covered at 100% and there are no surprises, you do not need to pay anything at the time of service!

If you don’t have Dental Insurance coverage, some offices offer Payment Plans for larger treatment plans. Be sure to ask about payment plans before scheduling your treatment and find out if there are any ‘strings attached’ such as Interest Charges or length of repayment.

5. Check Google Reviews

In today’s world, many people flock to Google to share their experiences about local businesses, including Dental Clinics. This makes Google a great resource for those looking for a new Dentist in Collingwood as you’re now able to read other patients’ experiences with each local Dental Clinic. On Google, you can not only see Google Reviews from previous patients, but you can also find a variety of information about the clinic itself, such as:

  • Hours of Operation
  • Photos of the clinic
  • Links to the website
  • Recent Updates or Articles
  • Social Media links
  • Google Reviews

With so much information available to new patients, it’s important to take your time and do your homework before selecting a new dentist near you. After all, if you choose the right dentist, it’s often a long-term relationship!

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