Tips for Finding a New Dental Clinic in Collingwood

Finding a new Dental Clinic in Collingwood isn’t as easy as you may think as there are many details that should be considered during the decision-making process. This article is meant to be a resource for you to help understand your options when searching for a new dental clinic near you.

There are many reasons why someone may be searching for a new Dental Clinic in Collingwood, including:

  • Moved from the GTA and are tired of commuting for dental care
  • Existing dentist retired
  • Looking for a change in local dental care
  • Current Dentist does not offer the services you’re seeking
  • Was recommended to a certain Dental Clinic

No matter the reason, it’s important to find a dental clinic that you trust with your oral health care and it all starts with doing a bit of research! But, where do you start?

Below are a few tips for finding a new Dental Clinic in Collingwood:

1. Ask for Referrals

There’s no better way to find a dentist than to ask your friends, family, or peers who live in the Collingwood area. Chances are they will be able to recommend their own dentist or one they have heard of with a good reputation. It’s always a great feeling to have someone you trust recommend you to a dentist who they trust!

2. Search Google for Local Dental Clinics

The next best option, after asking for referrals, is to simply search Google for all local dental clinics. This will provide you with a comprehensive list of practices in the area for you to consider.

Here are a few Google Searches to use when looking for a new dentist:
  • Dental Clinics in Collingwood
  • Dentist Collingwood
  • Dental Clinic near me
  • Dentist near me
  • Family Dentist Collingwood

3. Confirm Services, Location, and Office Hours

    Once you have a list of Dental Clinics that interest you, feel free to dive deeper into each one to gain a better understanding of their offerings. This includes matching their services to your dental care needs, their location, and even their office hours. These are all critical components that should match what you’re looking for in a new dentist.

    4. Are they Accepting New Patients?

    Once you’ve figured out the dental clinics in town that match your needs, it’s important to know whether or not they are accepting new patients and families. As some dental clinics have been around for many years, they may not be able to welcome new patients due to their rosters being full. A simple website search or call to the dental clinic should clarify this answer!

    5. Read Google Reviews

    Lastly, once you have figured out which dental clinics in Collingwood match your needs and are welcoming new patients, it’s important to confirm your research by reading Online Reviews about the practice and the dentist. The best source of reviews is from Google, while others such as Yelp or Facebook may also help you make a decision and gain better insight into the reputation of the dental clinic.

    Once you have gone through the above steps, you’ll be well on your way to understanding your options for finding a new Dental Clinic near you. If you feel comfortable with your research, go ahead and start the process for booking an appointment or consultation. Simply speaking with the receptionist over the phone may help confirm your research as they are able to answer many questions and are often a valuable resource for answers to your questions.


    Getting Started with Collingwood Family Dental

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    If you’d like to schedule an appointment at Collingwood Family Dental, feel free to give us a call, book in real-time on our website, or send us an email. We’d be more than happy to find a time for your first appointment and welcome you to our Dental Clinic.

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