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    Dental Emergencies in The Blue Mountains

    An Emergency Dentist in Blue Mountains is required when experiencing severe pain, injuries, or infections. Symptoms such as numbness, throbbing pains, excessive bleed, and broken teeth should not be ignored. Please continue to read below to see additional symptoms of Dental Emergencies.

    Finding a Dentist near you for an Emergency Dental Appointment is extremely important when dealing with Dental Emergencies. It’s critical that you see a Dentist as soon as possible to help alleviate pain and address the root cause of the problem.

    Dr. Sarah is experienced with Dental Emergencies and serves patients all over the South Georgian Bay area, including The Blue Mountains, Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, Stayner, and more. To schedule an appointment you can complete an Emergency Form, Call Us, or Book Online. We will get back to you as soon as possible and make your Dental Emergency Appointment a priority.

    Common Signs & Symptoms of a Dental Emergency

    Here are a few common Dental Emergency Signs & Symptoms:


    Infection, Abscesses, or Oral swelling


    Loose Appliances, Crowns, Bridges, or Lost Fillings


    Excessive Oral Bleeding


    Physical Impact to the Oral Area


    Cracked, Broken, or Loose Teeth


    Severe Cuts to the Oral Cavity


    Throbbing, Sever Aching, or Numbness in Oral Cavity

    Emergency Dentist Blue Mountains

    Are you unsure if your symptoms fall into one of the above categories? Don’t worry, give us a call and we’ll help walk through your symptoms to see if you should come in for an Emergency Appointment or not. Feel free to give us a call, book online, or walk-in during our scheduled office hours.

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