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When considering your options for Dental Night Guards in Collingwood, be sure to understand the differences between a Night Guard purchased from your local pharmacy versus your local dentist (have a read below to see the differences). Although it may be easier to just buy an ‘over-the-counter’ product, you’ll want to understand the added benefits of a customized Dental Night Guard.

The best dentist in Collingwood for Night Guards, or Sleep Guards, will not only be able to provide you with a custom-fit Night Guard, but they’ll also be able to address any damage that has been done by your clenching and grinding while also addressing any deeper issues that may exist. 

At Collingwood Family Dental, we work with a professional Dental Lab that fabricates custom Night Guards for our patients. This helps to ensure a perfect fit and provides the best results. Our team would be happy to go over your options for Dental Night Guards in Collingwood and answer any questions you may have about the process!

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What is a Night Guard?

Do you often wake up with a sore jaw, headache, or tooth pain? If so, you should speak with our dentists at Collingwood Family Dental about your symptoms as you may be grinding your teeth while you sleep, a condition known as ‘bruxism’. Bruxism can lead to more serious oral health issues and should be addressed as soon as possible. One common solution is the use of a Night Guard. Night Guards are also referred to as Bruxism Guards, Sleep Guards, or Mouth Guards

A Night Guard appliance is worn when sleeping and helps to prevent the surfaces of your teeth from grinding together. Night Guards issued at our Collingwood dental clinic are custom made and are designed to provide a snug fit in your mouth, allowing for proper breathing while you sleep. Night Guards are very durable and can last up to ten years, depending on the severity of grinding that takes place.

What are the Benefits of a Night Guard?

A Night Guard, similar to a mouthguard, acts as a barrier between your upper and lower teeth to help avoid damage caused by teeth grinding during sleep.

Here are a few other Benefits of a Night Guard:

– Helps to Prevent Further Damage to Your Teeth

As you are probably unaware of the issue, you cannot control the level of grinding that is taking place during sleep. The more you grind, the more enamel you are losing, leading to sensitivity issues and additional risks of decay. Teeth Grinding can also cause any weak tooth structure to fracture or break down, such as compromised teeth, Dental Fillings or other treated teeth.

These compromised and treated teeth are at higher risk of fractures when grinding is occurring without a Night Guard in place. When fractures happen, the tooth may need additional treatment such as a Root Canal or Extraction. A Night Guard is a simple fix to help maintain your oral health and avoid costly fractures.

– Helps to Prevent TMJ Problems

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder involves the joint where your lower jaw connects to the skull. When you clench and grind, you are putting an unnatural amount of pressure on your TMJ which can cause misalignment and lead to serious oral health issues. You may develop issues such as difficulty chewing, headaches, and jaw pain as a result. A Night Guard helps to avoid TMJ disorder and allows your jaw muscles to rest while you sleep.

– Helps to Save Money

A Night Guard helps to save your teeth, jaw, and body from unnecessary stress and pain. If you’re grinding and clenching at night, your Night Guard may save you thousands of dollars in dental treatments needed to fix issues that arise from your nightly habits. Night Guards help to prevent the fracture and break down of your tooth’s enamel, but also help to preserve any Dental Fillings, Dental Crowns, Dental Bridges, Dental Implants, and other treatments that you’ve received in the past. A simple Night Guard may help you sleep better, save money, and maintain your oral health.

Night Guards are always available at Collingwood Family Dental. If you’re experiencing symptoms of Bruxism or TMJ disorder such as headaches, jaw pain, or difficulty chewing, please mention this to your dental professional at your next visit. 

Although our team of dental professionals is trained to spot the signs of clenching and grinding, it is extremely helpful for you to mention any symptoms related to the issue. Our team will be able to answer any questions you have about Night Guards in Collingwood and go over your treatment options.

What Causes the Need for a Night Guard and What is Bruxism?

Night Guards are recommended for patients who clench or grind, which can be during the day or while they’re sleeping. This condition is known as ‘Bruxism’ and can be very harmful to your oral health. More specifically, grinding refers to the movement of the upper and lower jaw back and forth while in contact. 

Clenching refers to biting down with excessive force for prolonged periods of time. People who experience Bruxism often clench and grind for extended periods throughout the night, putting excessive pressure on their jaw muscles and wearing down tooth enamel. 

Over time, Bruxism can cause extensive damage to teeth and jaw muscles and even require further restorative or surgical treatment. It can also lead to headaches, jaw pain, and neck pain.

Here are a few factors that contribute to developing Bruxism:

– Age

Bruxism is more common in young children than in older adults

– Personality

Competitiveness, aggressiveness, and hyper-active are common personality traits of someone who is at higher risk of developing Bruxism

– Emotions

Someone that is highly emotional or is constantly stressed or angry is at higher risk of developing Bruxism

– Medications and Drugs

People that use tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, or psychiatric medications are at a higher risk of developing Bruxism

– Medical Conditions

Health conditions such as ADHD, sleep apnea, epilepsy, and Parkinson’s disease are also at higher risk of developing Bruxism

If you find you fit into one or more of these profiles and are experiencing constant headaches or jaw pain, it’s recommended to ask our dental team at Collingwood Family Dental about your options for a Night Guard.

What are the Different Types of Night Guards?

So, you now understand the benefits of a Night Guard and you’d like to find one that works for you. There are many Night Guards on the market and they can easily be purchased online or even from your local pharmacy. You can also opt to have a custom Night Guard made at our dental office in Collingwood, but which option is right for you?

Types of Night Guard Materials:

– Hard Night Guards

Hard Night Guards are made from an acrylic material and are used to treat the most severe teeth grinding or clenching cases. Hard Night Guards can take a lot of abuse and are regarded as the most durable option on the market.

– Soft Night Guards

Soft Night Guards are made from a softer, more flexible material. They are ideal for people with mild Bruxism or for people who clench but don’t grind their teeth. Soft Night Guards may wear down quicker and are certainly not as durable as Hard Night Guards.

Types of Night Guards Available for Purchase:

– Pharmacy and Drugstore Night Guards

Pharmacies, Drugstores, and online retailers often sell Night Guards that are a “one-size-fits-all” option. These often require boiling water to ‘custom fit’ the Night Guard for each person. These devices can be more harmful than beneficial as the improper fit can actually cause your bite to become misaligned. These Night Guards are often low quality and break down quickly, reducing their ability to provide a solid barrier between your upper and lower teeth.

– Custom Made Night Guards

Truly custom-made Night Guards are created by professionals at a Dental Laboratory after receiving impressions from your team of dental professionals. Our dentists at Collingwood Family Dental will either use a scanner or impression material to get an exact replica of your upper and lower jaw, as well as your bite registration. This will allow the Dental Lab to create the perfect custom Night Guard, just for you. They use superior materials specifically designed to withstand the constant forces of clenching and grinding. With proper care, your Night Guard can last for several years. 

Although other options exist, it’s not recommended to take the ‘cheaper’ route when dealing with your oral health.

Here are a few reasons why it’s worth the extra money to purchase a Custom Made Night Guard from your dentist:

– Alignment

A Custom Made Night Guard is designed to keep your jaw in alignment, helping to relieve jaw pain and avoid TMJ disorder

– Not Slide Around

A Custom Made Night Guard will not slide around in your mouth at night and cause you to wake up or become a choking hazard

– Superior Materials

A Custom Made Night Guard is made from superior materials than over-the-counter Night Guards and will typically last much longer

How are Night Guards Done?

The process of getting a Dental Night Guard is simple and absolutely painless. If your dentist or hygienist does not mention a Dental Night Guard, but you’d like to give it a try, be sure to mention it to them so they can go over your options. Our team at Collingwood Family Dental is here to help provide the best options for your oral health, including appliances such as Dental Night Guards.

Here are the steps to getting a Dental Night Guard:

– Impressions

One of our dental professionals will take an impression of your mouth using either impression material or a digital scanner. The impression is an exact replica of your teeth, gums, and bite registration and helps to make sure your Night Guard comes back with the perfect fit.

– Dental Laboratory

This impression is then sent to Dental Lab where they will use it to create your Custom Night Guard using durable plastic-like material.

– Fitment and Try-In

Once created, the Dental Laboratory will send the finished Night Guard right to our dental clinic in Collingwood. Our Patient Care Specialist will give you a call to schedule an appointment for you to come try it on and take it home!

– At Home Usage

All that’s left to do is for you to try on your new Night Guard and wear it while you sleep. It may take some time to get used to, but considering the added benefits of the Night Guard, it’s well worth the adjustment! The Night Guard is designed to not interfere with your breathing and you will still be able to speak normally.

Overall, it’s a very easy process to get a customized Dental Night Guard in Collingwood and our team at Collingwood Family Dental would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the process!

How Much Does a Night Guard Cost?

There are a few factors that may affect your total out-of-pocket cost for a custom Night Guard including the type of materials used, the exact specifications of the appliance, and any dental insurance coverage you may have for Night Guards. However, without dental coverage, you can expect to pay between $350 and $600 for a customized Dental Night Guard at Collingwood Family Dental. 

At Collingwood Family Dental, our fees are based on the Ontario Dental Fee Guide provided by the Ontario Dental Association. These fees are subject to annual updates, decided on by the Ontario Dental Association.

To help lower any barriers to getting the treatment appliances you need, our team at Collingwood Family Dental will be able to go over financing options with you if you’d like to help make the treatment more affordable by spreading the cost out month-to-month.

Are Night Guards Covered by Insurance?

Many Dental Insurance plans cover Night Guards as they recognize the importance and effectiveness at preserving and protecting a person’s oral health. However, not all Dental Insurance plans cover Dental Night Guards. Our team at Collingwood Family Dental will be able to help you break down the exact coverages for your plan and see if it covers Dental Night Guards. 

At Collingwood Family Dental, we offer Direct Insurance Billing as a convenience for our patients. This means we will bill your insurance company directly for the work completed and collect the money on your behalf, leaving you to pay only the required deductibles or copayments. 

We Accept All Major Insurance as well! If you’re unsure if your insurance is considered to be ‘major’, feel free to give us a call and we’d be glad to answer any questions you may have about your dental insurance coverage!


How to Schedule an Appointment for a Night Guard at Collingwood Family Dental

To schedule an appointment for a Night Guard at Collingwood Family Dental, simply call, email, walk-in or schedule your appointment online from our ‘Contact Us’ page. We’re always welcoming new patients and walk-ins and would be glad to meet you at our Collingwood dental clinic located at 1 Huron St, Collingwood. We are right next to the Collingwood Harbour in the Rexall building and have lots of Free Parking! 

At Collingwood Family Dental, our services for Dental Night Guards or Sleep Guards are available for people in the areas of Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, Thornbury, The Blue Mountains, Nottawa, Clarksburg, Springwater, New Lowell, Creemore, Stayner, Clearview, and the surrounding areas! We offer Direct Insurance Billing, Emergency Dentistry, accept all major forms of insurance, provide comprehensive dentistry for patients of all ages and welcome family bookings!

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