Teeth Cleaning for Children

Bringing your child to the dentist at a young age can help set them up for excellent oral health habits and routines. It will also help to teach them that dental visits are a normal part of life and should not be scary or intimidating.

During their Teeth Cleaning & Examination visit, the hygienist will count your child’s teeth and visually examine their mouth for problems. They may take X-rays and apply fluoride, depending on the age and needs of the child. 


Dental care is extremely important for kids, even from their earliest days. Establishing good oral hygiene habits early on will help your children develop a healthy smile that should last them their entire lives.

Preparing your children for their first cleaning appointment can be done in a variety of ways. Providing them with as much information as possible about what will happen can help ease their anxiety and build trust in the process of visiting the dentist. Focus on building a positive association with visiting the dentist rather than highlighting the intimidating parts such as needles or cavities. 

Providing your children with a chance to watch you or your sibling go through their own dental cleanings can also help them understand what to expect during their own appointments. Young kids thrive on daily structures and routines, so allowing them to watch you go through your own cleaning will give them a sense of comfort and security as they prepare for their first visit.

You can even take your child on a practice run and have them role-play as the dentist for their favourite doll or stuffed animal. This will help them get a feel for the office and the people before their actual appointment, which can make them feel more comfortable and ready to go.


There are plenty of firsts in a child’s life. Parents can watch their little ones take their first steps, try out their first bites of solid food, and cheer them on as they walk up the stairs for the first time. But one of the most important firsts is a child’s first dental visit!

Dental hygienists are experts in cleaning teeth and providing valuable dental hygiene services. Using professional tools and techniques, they can reach areas that are difficult for children to clean with regular brushing and flossing. 

During the exam, the dentist will ask about your child’s medical and dental history. The dentist will also look at the teeth and gums to assess their health and development. Depending on your child’s age, the dentist may recommend dental x-rays to help detect hidden problems.

Visiting the dentist can be a little nerve-wracking for both kids and parents. Talking to your child about what they will experience at their first cleaning and preparing them ahead of time can make things go smoothly.


Dental cleanings can be scary for kids, even though they are a necessary part of maintaining optimal oral health. Preparing your child in advance for their first dental cleaning appointment can help calm their nerves. Kids do better when they know what to expect and have some understanding of the experience, so you can help them prepare for their first cleaning by explaining that it is a very important visit.

At their first cleaning, your child will meet the dentist and dental hygienist. Depending on the age of the child, your dentist and hygienist may take an x-ray of your child’s mouth, which is a very important tool that can detect hidden areas of decay and assess development.

The hygienist will then gently clean your child’s teeth and floss their gums. The hygienist will also provide the option to give your child fluoride treatment, depending on the child’s age. Fluoride treatment is a highly effective treatment for preventing tooth decay and can reverse early decay. The hygienist will recommend proper brushing and flossing techniques to your child, based on their age and stage of development.


In many cases, children will receive their first dental cleaning during the toddler years once most of their baby teeth have erupted. During this appointment, the dentist or dental hygienist will clean each tooth thoroughly using a polishing tool (toothbrush), scaling tool (“pick”), and fluoride (to help prevent decay). The dentist will also examine the soft tissues of the mouth for any abnormalities.

Depending on the child, the dentist may take X-rays of the child’s mouth. These are necessary to spot and diagnose problems such as impacted or developing teeth, tooth decay, gum disease, and other issues that cannot be spotted through a visual examination alone.

During this visit, the dentist will likely recommend that parents teach their children proper brushing and flossing techniques. They will also talk about the importance of regular dental appointments and answer any questions from the child and parent. Lastly, the dentist will provide your child with a reward (stickers or a small toy from the treasure chest!) for being such a good patient and doing such a great job of keeping their teeth clean!

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