Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic dentistry treatment to brighten your smile. Teeth whitening is a go-to solution for many individuals to enhance their smile’s aesthetic appearance, and there are different methods depending on your preferences. You can consider at-home whitening from your local drugstore, or professional whitening treatments completed by a dentist. 

Professional in-office teeth whitening is an effective procedure because it is safe and completed under carefully monitored conditions. It is also pain-free; patients should enjoy visible results quickly following their appointment. Your dentist can use a high concentration of bleaching gel, whereas at-home whitening kits only contain low-dose bleaching agents, which means less noticeable results.

If you’d like to improve the colour of your teeth and are interested in a whiter smile, teeth whitening is a solution you can consider. Teeth can naturally darken over time because of age, oral health, and lifestyle, and you may not like the shade of your teeth at some point. There is a range of foods and drinks that can also lead to surface stains on your teeth with time.

If you are unhappy with the colour of your teeth, teeth whitening solutions are available improve this aspect, and you will feel happier when you have a bright and beautiful smile. Dental whitening methods can either remove extrinsic stains or change the intrinsic colour, and most patients can lighten their shade with professional whitening treatments.

The first thing most people will consider for this type of treatment is cost. Everyone wants a whiter smile, but is it affordable? Every treatment has a different cost; the following is a breakdown of your options and what you can expect to pay.

In-Office Teeth Whitening Treatment

This is one of the most effective, which is why it may be worth the cost. The process is fast and straightforward. Most importantly, it is entirely safe with a professional dentist monitoring your teeth and gums during the treatment. Professional will also apply the appropriate levels of hydrogen peroxide within their whitening solution with the goal of optimal results.

The cost of in-office teeth whitening treatments will vary from one dental clinic to the next, and you can expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars.

Laser Teeth Whitening Treatment

This new and innovative tooth whitening solutions is becoming increasingly popular due to its quick and convenient. This treatment does not require trays, strips, or other product applications, but it is often considered the most expensive dental whitening method. Patients will enjoy a visibly noticeable change after their treatment, and your teeth may be several shades whiter.

The average cost of this whitening treatment is anywhere from $1,000 to $1,500 per treatment.

At-Home Teeth Whitening Treatment

If you would prefer to complete this treatment at home, there are at-home whitening kits you can buy in strips, pens, or packs. These items can be applied in the comfort of your home, although you must read the instructions carefully, especially when it comes to time. Leaving the whitening product on your teeth for too long can damage your teeth. Contrary to what many people believe, you will not achieve better results. Leaving the product on your teeth for too long can cause sensitivity issues and subsequent pain; read the instructions carefully and follow them to a “T.” 

Be aware that at-home teeth whitening solutions from a local store can be deceiving with their on-the-go convenience. Some individuals are uncomfortable with the plastic strips, and they can be cumbersome to correctly place. Additionally, a lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide means a less effective overall treatment.

At our Collingwood dental clinic, we are professionally trained to provide teeth whitening treatments using the Zoom! Teeth Whitening products. Cleaning is typically recommended before your treatment for optimal whitening.

Teeth Whitening in 60 to 90 Minutes:

Results may not be as noticeable as professional in-office whitening treatments, although if done correctly, you can improve the colour of your teeth by a shade or two. At-home whitening products are much more affordable, and over-the-counter whitening products are all usually below the $100 mark.

* Note: This treatment is dependent on conditions for each patient’s eligibility. This tooth whitening solution may not be available to all individuals. Our Collingwood dentists will consult with you to determine the appropriate solution for your specific needs.

The following factors may exclude patients from teeth whitening treatment:

In addition to knowing the cost of whitening treatments, you also must determine if you are a suitable candidate for treatment. While it is considered a low-risk dental procedure ideal for many patients, not everyone qualifies for teeth whitening treatment. Below are some contributing factors:

1. Restorations for Front-Facing Teeth

If you have porcelain veneers, dental crowns, or dental bonding, you will not qualify for teeth whitening treatment because restorative materials do not respond to the hydrogen peroxide bleaching agents.

2. Stubborn Intrinsic Stains

This refers to gray discolorations or white spots on the teeth. These stains will affect the underlying layers of the tooth. Whitening solutions are generally most effective on extrinsic stains that only affect the outer enamel; whitening treatments are not typically effective for intrinsic stains.

3. Extreme Tooth Sensitivity or Worn Enamel

Tooth whitening solutions can damage or worsen these dental conditions, which should be addressed prior to considering any cosmetic dental work.

Teeth whitening treatments can drastically impact your smile’s appearance. You should only use the products and treatments recommended by a dentist.

Teeth Whitening in Collingwood, ON

In-office teeth whitening treatments are considered the safest and most effective. Do you want to know more about the benefits of teeth whitening treatments and their costs? Our team at Collingwood Family Dental will provide you with the information you need and assess your oral health condition. Our Collingwood dentists will recommend the most appropriate dental whitening solution based on the severity of any stains and the current shade of your teeth.

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