• 5 Questions to Ask Your Dentist in Collingwood

    Whether you’re happy with your current Dentist in Collingwood or are looking to make a change, there are certain questions you should know the answers to regarding your dental care provider.

    Is your Dentist a General Dentist or Specialist?

    It’s important to know if your dentist in a specialist or a General Dentist as the service offerings will be extremely different! General Dentists typically offer a wide range of services, including hygiene, restorative, and general surgery, while Dental Specialists tend to focus on a specific area of dentistry such as Orthodontics, Root Canals, etc.

    Many General Dentists offer a wide range of basic services and refer any ‘complex’ cases to nearby specialists. This allows the patient to obtain the best care possible for their treatment.


    Does your Dentist offer a variety of Services?

    Even as a General Dentist, there is the opportunity for dentists to focus their practice on specific areas of dentistry such as Cosmetic DentistryOrthodontics, Dental Implants, etc. without being a designated Specialist. Many dentists enjoy these specific aspects of dentistry and tailor their practices towards that specific niche.

    While these are valuable services for communities, it’s best to make sure your current or future dental office offers the entire scope of services you’re looking for, including those you may need 10+ years from now as well.


    Is your Dentist retiring soon?

    It’s also important to understand that your dentist in Collingwood may retire one day! If you’re looking to develop a long-term relationship with your dentist for yourself and children, this may be a factor that is important to you.

    When a Dentist retires, she or he will sell their practice to another dentist or a corporation (who will then place another dentist in the clinic). If your trust and relationship with the dentist is important, you may want to consider the possibility or likelihood of your dentist retiring in the coming years.


    Does your Dentist see patients of all ages, including children?

    Similar to offering niche services, many dentists restrict their patient base to people within a certain age range. You may see dentists that only offer services for adults, while others may gear their practices towards children and teenagers. While this may work for some individuals, it can be a large negative factor for those looking for services for their entire families.

    For this reason, it’s important to confirm the age acceptance of your dentist in Collingwood.


    Does your Dentist offer Dental Emergency services relatively quickly?

    Often, dentists will offer Emergency Dental services for their own patients, while others may welcome new patients for Dental Emergencies as well. While it’s likely that a dentist will be able to see you for a Dental Emergency – how quickly can they make it happen? Some dental clinics make Dental Emergencies a priority, while others aren’t staffed or trained to handle an overload of appointments (including Dental Emergencies).

    It’s important to know how quickly your new or existing dentist in Collingwood can see you for a Dental Emergency appointment.


    Finding the answers to these questions helps you to understand your dental care provider’s service offerings and make sure they match or exceed your needs. While many people may only need regular dental care for themselves as an adult, others may have young children, have many emergency dental care needs, be looking for cosmetic treatment options, or other situations that may differ from dentist to dentist.

    Overall, it’s best to do your homework before selecting a new dentist in Collingwood so that you can find a dental care provider that best matches your needs. The questions above should help you when doing your research for a new dentist or for learning more about your current dentist!

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