The Most Common Dental Emergencies and Symptoms

Dental Emergencies often happen when you least expect it and usually require attention as soon as possible. For this reason, it’s important to have an Emergency Dentist Near You on standby, meaning you know which Dental Clinic in Collingwood you’d call for an Emergency Dental Appointment. But, what qualifies as a Dental Emergency and when should you reach out for help? Let’s go over some of the most common Dental Emergencies and their associated Symptoms.

Common Dental Emergencies and Symptoms:

  • Cracked or Broken Teeth

Cracked or broken teeth often happen as a result of biting into something hard by accident. This can result in a cracked or broken tooth, which may or may not be noticed immediately. Oftentimes, it takes a day or two to realize the crack is even there! 

However, once realized, you should contact an Emergency Dentist in Collingwood as soon as possible as the cracked tooth has a high likelihood of becoming infected and causing more serious issues. If you have a Broken or Cracked Tooth in Collingwood, feel free to give us a call! 

  • Swelling, Infections, or Abscesses

These symptoms are some of the most dangerous of all Dental Emergencies as they can be potentially life threatening. With swelling and infections, you may notice your face getting larger or your breathing getting more difficult. In this case, contact an emergency dentist immediately or visit your local Emergency Room as soon as possible.

It’s extremely important to call an Emergency Dentist in your area if you are experiencing significant swelling or infection in your oral cavity. Abscesses located on the gums should also be treated as soon as possible by your dentist.

If you are experiencing Oral Swelling, Infection, or Abscesses in Collingwood, we’re here to help!

  • Oral Trauma to Lips, Gums, or Tongue

Accidents can often lead to oral trauma such as knocked out teeth, broken teeth, chipped teeth, lacerated gums, etc. In this case, it’s best to visit the Emergency Room for any extra-oral (outside the mouth) issues and the dentist for any intra-oral issues (inside the mouth). 

If you’ve recently experienced Oral Trauma, feel free to give us a call as we’d be happy to help!

  • Severe Pain, Aching, or Numbness

Unknown (or known) pain can arise very quickly in the mouth and it’s often very difficult to understand why it’s happening. Whether the pain is coming from a general area in your jaw or a specific tooth, our team is here to help diagnose the issue for you. 

An x-ray and review by the dentist allows the issue to be diagnosed and a treatment plan made. If you’re experiencing a painful tooth or jaw in Collingwood, we are here to help relieve your pain and get your oral health back to normal!

  • Loose Dental Appliances

It’s not uncommon for Dental Appliances to come loose (or uncemented) and cause an annoyance or danger inside your mouth. It’s best to have your Dental Appliance recemented or attached as soon as possible to avoid potentially dangerous lacerations and/or choking hazards. If you’ve got a loose dental appliance in Collingwood, we’d be happy to help!

Are you unsure about your symptoms and if they qualify as a ‘dental emergency’? No problem, give us a call and we’d be happy to help walk you through your symptoms to see if you should visit a local emergency dentist or not. 

As Dental Emergencies have the potential to be seriously harmful to your overall health, it’s best to get in touch with a Dental Professional as soon as possible. Our team at Collingwood Family Dental are here to help you with any Dental Emergency you may be experiencing. 

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